2MPro headquarters is located in Toledo.


The Historic City of Toledo has recorded on the Official World Heritage List within the “Cultural Assets” since 1986 because of its landscapes, its geographic setting, the embedding of the river, the Cigarrales orchards, las Vegas lowlands, the location of the migmatite (ancient metamorphic rocks) city, its viewpoints (La Granja, Virgen de Gracia, Santa Leocadia, San Cristóbal). 

The city of Toledo is placed at the top of a granite headland that the river Tajo, with a deeply embedded riverbed, surrounds and isolates on the east, south and west sides, while to the north it joins the Castile plateau along the district of La Sagra.


Nous travaillons avec les sociétés de transport internationnales nous permettant ainsi de vous proposer les conditions d'expeditions les plus optimales quelquesoit le point de livraison.

We work with internationnal shipping companies allowing us to offer you the best conditions for expeditions wherever the place of the delivery.