About us

2MPro arises from the need to develop a new division within Elme Tools which is the global benchmark for portable and multi-brand diagnostic equipment in outboard.

The 2MPro project started in November 2012 in developping the most advanced diagnostic tool for the marine world and has been dubbed Marine Master Pro.

In 2014, after traveling the world and ending all the validations in the different engines systems, 2MPro launches its best product.

The high added value is that our professional can provide a full service maintenance and diagnosis on the main engines on the market, in their own facilities without displacement.


Marine Master Pro is the Innovative Interface from 2MPro For Electronics diagnosis of marine engines, intra and outboard.

It Performs basic operations such as reading parameters and information of the switchboards, verification of states, reset light control service, verification and cancellation of errors and many others. Marine Master Pro is equipped with a number of specific connectors for each brand and model.




The Group


Elme Tools is a Spanish company pioneer and leader in in Immobilizers and Automotive Key Service.

Elme Tools has more than 20 years in the car locksmith and now distributes its products in more than 100 countries.


We propose global solutions with high added value : consumables, cloning devices , keys programming and transponders all supported by a highly service qualified.

Our main goal is to meet the needs of each of our customers while providing a local service.